Garold (Gary)Hoose
(989) 544-9796
Proudly Climbing flagpoles and towers since 1982
  Flagpole Repair and Painting
Gary Hoose has climbed flagpoles and towers for almost 40 years    
all across America insuring the flag flies high at our Military bases,
National cemeteries and Federal installations as well as many local
and state governments, companies, and private properties.
  We specialize in hard to reach flagpoles!!

Flagpole painting, tower painting, tank painting, light pole painting,               
windmill painting, light bulb changing, restring flagpole, relamp tower,
flagpole repair, if it's high we probably do it. building-top poles our specialty.
We also paint most other tall structural steel
If we don't do it we have a nationwide network of Steeplejacks on call who     
are professionally  trained in all aspects of steeplejack work
West Coast
Eastern Jobs
   Nationwide service
often overnight
  (989) 544 9796
Click on the OSU
stadium to see more of   
our travels and jobs.
Flagpole repair, flagpole service, Flag
pole climber, Steeplejack
"Workin' high for almost 40 years"
Nationwide flagpole climbing and repair
Quality flagpole painting, climbing and repairs
We use quality American made parts for our repairs. Heavy
Duty trucks with sealed bearings and metal pulleys help to

insure years of service even in hurricane prone locations.
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My name, Gary Hoose or Garold Hoose, is found on other flagpole painters,
flagpole repair, flagpole service and flagpole sales companies websites. I am
Gary Hoose, the others use my name in their keywords and some on their
pages to draw business using a name which is associated with quality work.
I assure you, this is the site for Garold (Gary) Hoose. Flagpole painting for
almost 40 years and servicing America's VA cemeteries and Government
                                  properties nationwide.
Ohio State University Stadium
Moses State Park, New York
Federal Courthouse, New York
Annapolis, Maryland
Call Gary Hoose for your flagpole repair. The
company you use will probably call me anyway,
Why pay us both?  80% of my climbs are for
other companies who subconract at double the
price I charge lol...get my price first.
Hilton Head Island, SC
Columbus, Ohio